3 Reasons A Child Needs A Sports Physical

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While all kids should see their primary care physician or pediatrician for well checks annually, there are other reasons to see a doctor besides well checks or due to illness. One popular reason for children to need an appointment with their doctor is for a sports physical. Almost all primary care physicians and pediatricians offer sports physical services, but if you are not able to get in to see your child's doctor, there are also urgent care centers and clinics that offer sports physicals. Some of the top reasons to book an appointment for your child to have a sports physical include the following.

Signing Up for a New Sport

Playing sports is a great way for kids to get exercise,learn the rules of a new game, and understand the importance of teamwork. However, before a child begins playing a new team sport, it is absolutely essential to ensure that he or she is healthy enough to play. During a sports physical, your child's doctor will do a comprehensive exam to check a child's heart function, knees, elbows, ankles, joints, and musculoskeletal system. If your child's doctor determines that he or she is completely healthy, the doctor will sign off on the sports physical form that most leagues require a child to submit when enrolling in a new team sport.

Recovering from an Injury

While playing sports is a great opportunity for kids, it is possible for injuries to occur. If your child sprains an ankle, dislocates a shoulder, or fractures a bone while playing sports, he or she needs immediate medical treatment. Most sports injuries heal without any complications, but before your child resumes playing sports after an injury, he or she should see his or her doctor for a sports physical. In this type of situation, a sports physical will help ensure that your child is completely healed and ready to begin playing again. Getting a sports physical before resuming sports is an excellent way to ensure that a child does not re-injure the same area.


Concussions are a real concern in children, and they can happen when playing sports. While most kids recover fine from a single concussion,multiple concussions can cause future problems. If your child has suffered a concussion while playing a sport, he or she should not participate in any activities until cleared by a doctor. Most doctors will want to do a sports physical before releasing a child athlete to begin playing sports again. 

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