3 Ways To Get Extra Assistance For Your Senior Parents

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If your parents are reaching the age where they need more assistance getting things done around their house and help with daily tasks, there are lots of ways you can help your parents get the help them need. 

#1 Use A Shopping App

If your parents live in a large metro area, or in a suburban area, there is a good chance that you can use a shopping app to help your parents get the groceries they need. These shopping apps allow your parents to select and input their grocery list, including detailed instructions, that a personal shopper then fills for them. The personal shopper with get their groceries for your parents, deliver the groceries to their house, and even help your parents put the groceries away.

Grocery shopping can be a very physically demanding task for the elderly and this is a great way to outsource this task. You may have to help your parents with the app or do it yourself, depending on how technologically savvy your parents are. Their grocery bill may be a few percentage points higher than normal, but the prices are comparable to what they would find if they were to go shopping on their own. It is generally appropriate to tip the personal shopper when they deliver the groceries.

#2 Hire A Landscaping Company

For the outside of your parents home, save them from dragging out the lawn mower or getting down on their knees to weed. Hire a landscaping company that provides full service yard care. Set them up to not just have their yard mowed, but to have the entire yard taken care of. Hire a company that will take care of the weeding, mulching, fertilizing and even planting of seasonal flowers. This will make taking care of yard much easier on your parents while still allowing them to enjoy their yard.

#3 Hire A Senior Care Provider

Finally, for help with more day to day tasks, you can hire a senior care provider for your parents to drop in for a few hours every day. A senior care provider will help your parents with meal preparation and cleaning. They can help your parents with personal hygiene tasks that they may need assistance with. If your parents need to take specific medications or engage in specific exercises or physical therapy on a daily basis, a senior care provider can assist with those tasks as well. 

It takes a village to raise a child, and it also takes a village to take care of the elderly. Don't feel like you have to do it all on your own. Hire a senior care provider, such as Beautiful Homes for the Elderly, to help your parents with more day-to-day tasks, and hire out other tasks, like grocery shopping, yard work and even housework, to make life a little easier for your parents and for you. 

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